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Refuelling, tolls and more - smarter and faster solutions with the Mercedes ServiceCard.

You are able to refuel or pay for toll roads cash-free and at attractive rates with the Mercedes ServiceCard. In addition, it is also possible to utilise Service24h with cash-free payments in addition to other helpful services using the Mercedes ServiceCard.

Through our partner UTA, you can take advantage of a supply network, which encompasses over 50,000 diesel stations across Europe with the MercedesServiceCard. On top of this, refuelling advice for cost optimisation is possible for specific journeys. Using the UTA Drive & Save® system, it is possible to carry out a simple check of the actual incurred refuelling costs in comparison to the estimated refuelling costs by diverse criteria. Connection to FleetBoard enables a check of plausible refuelling stops.

You can even pay tolls at attractive cash-free rates right across Europe with the Mercedes ServiceCard. The use of toll devices for electronic toll collection systems makes passing through toll stations quicker.

Furthermore, the Mercedes ServiceCard also lets you take advantage of extra, useful additional services such as ferry, tyre, combined traffic and rental services as well as other useful services - payable simply and conveniently using the card.

In addition, an even quicker Service24h is possible with the Mercedes ServiceCard as a simpler and subsequently faster coordination of the repair operation occurs during an international breakdown thanks to the free card. Therefore you'll be back on the road even quicker.

Additional cost-optimising services are provided, such as administrative support with VAT refunds as well as with the service for partial reimbursement of the petroleum revenue tax in some European countries.